My view everytime I go to work.
(taken while driving) 

My view everytime I go to work.

(taken while driving) 

Heres||Villa Sparina

Last Monday (Oct. 6,2014) we had an invite from Heres for the WITH (Wine Italy Tour Heres) the event was all about wine tasting from all the wine producers that Heres represent like Pol Roger, Nanni Nossing, Cogno and many more. So I had the chance to taste and learn a lot of wines.

The event started at 1pm but we arrived at almost 5pm so we’re a bit late. But still we tasted a lot of wines but not much food. =)

But first lemme take….

a selfie =)

As we arrived I met Abatantuono, I don’t actually knew him, never thought his an actor.

It was a good experience going to this event had the chance to meet some restaurateurs and wine & bar owners and of course the best part the wine tasting. 

We were also invited to stay for the dinner, and the dinner buffet quickly started after the wine tasting. So we ended up drinking more wines with one of the owner of Villa Sparina. 

Our own hand-made grembiule and ice bucket from Villa Sparina!

You’re my antidote, and in the same way my anxiety.

You’re my antidote, and in the same way my anxiety.

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"It started with a Hi!
I let it standby,
and I remember the day
you left and say goodbye. -

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Another Summer Story 2014.

"Let yourself give love. Let yourself be loved. -

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"Bidding farewell can evoke sadness, fear, anxiety and loneliness, which are overwhelming emotions that force us to reflect on what we had and what we have lost. -

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And I’m back!!

It is just a good feeling to be back here. Where I can let myself be free of what I want to express. A lot of things has happened in my life good and bad ones. But there’s nothing to worry about I’ll just keep my feet on the ground and heads up high.

So what’s new with me,

  • I got my driver’s license last June and I never thought that driving would be fun.
  • I already have a job, a real job I can say (commis di sala) in a restaurant with a star Michelin.
  • I am much more indpendent now, rather than before.
  • and I’m happy living my single life.

This is a good start after moving on, life has more to offer, and change is a choice. =)